Archive | June, 2019

Negotiating In China: Jack’s 10 Rules For Success

Several years ago, Tsinghua University asked me to speak to a group of Citibank execs about negotiating in China. In preparation for that class, I came up with my 10 Rules for Success. The class went over so well that I had the 10 Rules printed on plastic cards, which I now routinely hand out […]

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Who Pays For Tariffs?

The Trump Administration’s tariff strategy begs the question as to who actually pays for these duties. Does the American consumer pay through higher prices and efficiency losses caused by disruptions in the global supply chain as Liberty Street Economics argues in a recent article?

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Electric Commercial Vehicles in the U.S.

Despite the trade war, JFP Holdings is building a substantial business working with ADOMANI, Inc., a California company, to source electric drive trains, neighborhood electric vehicles, trucks, delivery and passenger vans, and buses from Chinese manufacturers for sale to fleet owners in the United States. China is, by far, the global leader in the manufacture […]

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