Clean Air For Beijing

Apart from the anecdotal evidence regarding pollution levels and traffic congestion during the four-day test period in August in Beijing, it appears, not surprisingly, that reducing the number of vehicles on Beijing’s streets by almost one-half did reduce the pollution index considerably. Our thanks to China Automotive Review, which ran the following article in its September edition:

Cleaner air for 4 days in Beijing

by Witman Liao, published in SEP issue , 2007 

China Automotive ReviewBEIJING – Beijing enjoyed four consecutive days of bluer-sky with fairly good air quality by August 20, the last day of the trial period of “Lucky Beijing,” which allows cars with even license number to run on August 18 and 20 while odd number cars can run only on August 19 and 21. It shows the plausibility of success for the temporary vehicle ban planned for the Olympic Games next year.

August 16 was a day of slight pollution with pollutant index of 116 in Beijing, according to the municipal weather report. The following days were of the same weather conditions having small wind but heavy humidity and haze not conducive for pollutant dispersion. As anticipated, however, the pollutant indexes were considerably reduced to 91, 93, 95 and 95 for four days in a row from August 17 to 20, largely due to the presence of fewer vehicles in the city areas. Witman Liao

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