With Carl Quintanilla and Squawk Box

These past three weeks in Beijing have been some of my most memorable in China. The Games themselves—from the Opening Ceremony to the amazing lineup of Chinese athletes and the unbelievable individual performances by Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt—- have been nothing short of spectacular. Along with that, I have had my entire family in town for two of those weeks and Beijing has been one big party. For starters, we attended no less than four birthday celebrations (there seem to a lot of Leo’s in town), as well as a warm-up party put on by the Jamaican Embassy on the afternoon when Bolt set the record in the 100 meter sprint, bringing home yet more gold for this island nation.

One of the most interesting events that came up unexpectedly was being interviewed on Monday evening by Carl Quintanilla, the Emmy award-winning co-anchor of Squawk Box, high atop the Convention Center, overlooking the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. Carl’s opening comment: “Jack, it must feel like you’ve been to a party for the past 20 years that the rest of the world is only now getting invited to,” expressed what a number of the NBC execs and producers also said as we prepared to go on air. Many are first time visitors to China, and to put it mildly, have been simply blown away by what is happening here. Expect even more coverage of China in the aftermath of the Olympics. Everything now is “China, China, China” and viewers can’t get enough it seems. In this sense, the Games have lived up to their promise of being China’s Coming Out party.

Carl’s next question was one that has been on everyone’s mind since the beginning of the year; “What happens to China’s economy after the Olympics?’ We will be doing more on this topic later, but here is a preview:

Building a Billion $ Business in China

18 Aug 2008

CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla interviews Jack Perkowski, author of “Managing the Dragon.”

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