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Paul Eckert, a good friend who used to be based in Beijing for Reuters but is now in the company’s Washington office, asked for my opinion on the U.S. government’s role in the Google affair. I told him I believe that the U.S. government had made the situation worse by getting involved in the first place and elevating the controversy to such a high level that the Chinese government could not possibly compromise. Asked what the government could do to help Google going forward, I said, “nothing.”

Unfortunately for American businessmen in China, that’s the sad truth. The relationship between the two countries has now deteriorated to the point where the wishes of the United States don’t count for much in China these days. For Google and other American businesses operating here, the best thing that the United States can do is get the bilateral relationship back on track by learning to listen, rather than dictate to the Chinese.

Paul’s article, Q+A – China-U.S. dispute over Google seen lingering, is worth a read.

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