“The American Entrepreneur” Interview

The interview with “American Entrepreneur” last Wednesday was one of the more enjoyable that I have done.

Dave Iwinski, the radio talk show host who is known as the “International Capitalist” and who led the discussion, has run several companies over the years and has had direct experience establishing and managing manufacturing facilities in China. Dave’s familiarity with China enabled us to compare notes on doing business in the country and to get into a level of detail that is not possible with commentators who have not had this experience.

Also, unlike most interviews that are limited for time, the interview with “American Entrepreneur” stretched over the first hour of Dave’s weekly three-hour program. This provided enough time for Dave to comment, and for me to elaborate, on many of my experiences in China.

If you are interested in hearing more about how I got to China and what I have learned along the way, I encourage you to download and listen to the podcast. The interview is just over 50 minutes in length, and unfortunately, is interrupted by two, two-minute commercial segments. Therefore, it may be best to listen while on the treadmill or on that long car ride to the Labor Day barbecue.

“The American Entrepreneur” is a weekly radio talk show devoted entirely to the entrepreneurial experience. The show is broadcast on Pittsburgh’s WMNY, 1360 AM.

My interview was followed by interviews with Tom Petzinger of Knopp Neurosciences, a Pittsburgh-based medical technology company, and Robert Bruner, Dean of the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. Dean Bruner discusses his philosophy on the art of mergers and acquisitions, as laid out in his book, “Deals From Hell: M & A Lessons That Rise Above the Ashes.”

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