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More News on China’s Recovery

Evidence is mounting that China has indeed turned the corner and is leading the rest of the world out of the global economic crisis. The week began on Monday when Andy Rothman, the China Macro Strategist for CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, presented some positive news on the country’s economy in an interview with CNBC’s Oriel Morrison. […]

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View From The States

Apologies to MTD readers for my silence over the past week. I’m in the U.S. now until April 21, following up on the many positive responses we have received to the formation of JFP Holdings, and there has simply been no time to write. What I’m finding, though, is that interest in China is as […]

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Exports: How Important Are They to China?

It may seem like a question with an all too obvious answer. After all, haven’t exports been the key driver of China’s development over the past 30 years? The many stories that have been written over the years about China’s emergence as the “workshop for the world” certainly suggest that exports are very important. That […]

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