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Olympic Sized Line

On Friday the final (legal) chance to buy Olympic tickets came and went, but if you lacked the intestinal fortitude to brave the lines I wouldn’t blame you. Tickets went on sale at 9AM at many venues around the city but there were voracious Olympic fans waiting in line as early as Wednesday night. Phase […]

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Let The Games Begin!

When I returned to Beijing this past Sunday after a short trip to the States, I found a city in Olympic mode. With the Opening Ceremony less than three weeks away, the signs are all there that the much awaited 2008 Olympics are near. As I stepped off the plane, I couldn’t help but notice […]

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Olympic Update

If you are intentionally avoiding China and Beijing during the Olympic Games, thinking that the country and the city will just be too crowded, you may want to reconsider. August is always the hottest and most humid month in China’s capital city, and most expatriates living here typically take the month to return to their […]

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