Jack on “Voices From Other Lands”

Recently,  I sat down with Zheng Yunfeng from the “Voices From Other Lands” radio show to talk about business in China, my new company, JFP Holdings, and what trends I see on the horizon. “Voices From Other Lands” is produced by China Radio International (CRI). Founded on December 3, 1941, CRI is the only overseas broadcaster in the People’s Republic of China. CRI is one of the three central media organizations in China, along with China National Radio (CNR) and China Central Television (CCTV).

Listen here for the 25 minute interview.

2 Responses to “Jack on “Voices From Other Lands””

  1. Jack, what I enjoy the most about the handful of your interviews I’ve both watched and listened to is the clear, consistent message which comes across in your statements…a transparent throughline to the material which I’d read in MTD, the book.

    This interview was a great reinforcement of same. And — not to mention — now I’ve subscribed to a new podcast…what could be better?


  2. ADM,

    I appreciate your comments. Hope that it’s not repetitive, but the basic messages are important and sometimes difficult to get through. Keep reading and listening. I greatly appreciate your support.